Mount Olive #25, P.H.A.
1307 North Eutaw Place
Baltimore, MD 21217
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I am humbled and I truly feel that it is an honor and privilege to be the Worshipful Master of Mount Olive Lodge #25 for its 146th year of existence. I realized that I could not have gotten to this position in the lodge without the Great Architect of the Universe (GAOTU) and the wise council from our past masters and brothers of the lodge. MT. Olive 25 already have traditions and high standards that I do not take lightly. The task at hand is ensuring that all the members are exposed those traditions and standards. In Masonry, the traditions and standards are passed down by tongue to ear. I understand that one of my primary duties is to ensure the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences are passed from our seasoned lodge members to the new generation of the members. At the same time, I have to overcome the obstacle of ensuring the lodge is able to adapt to this new era of Masons. However, I strongly believe the core principles of Masonry which are truth, brotherly love, and relief is the key our success and future. We have to understand our lodge is in the rebuilding phase. As a lodge, we will all have to apply the working tools of Masonry to maintain our traditions and standards. My favorite quote is “Our success multiplies each time we lead someone else to success”. We as brothers need to help each other to gain success through the Craft and personally in order for the lodge to be successful. That is the only way we can make our good men better men. With the support of the wise council among us, collectively we will be successful in our endeavors but structure will be the key. Everyone desires change and as you have elected me to this position of prestige, I challenge you through this new leadership to become more actively involved in our lodge and to be the change you wish to see in our midst. Thank you all for your faith, confidence and trust. I pledge to be the best leader, brother, and friend I am capable of being. I pray that the GAOTU gives us continual blessings and keeps us in the fold of Jesus Christ as we endeavor to carry on the mission and do greater than those who have gone this way before us.


Hasson Diggs
Worshipful Master


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